Lessons can be on a flexible schedule which includes weekends. I charge $40

an hour or $25 for 1/2 hour. 

I do not charge if the student is sick that day but request that they reschedule.  If you have to re-schedule please  give me at least 24 hour notice.  

 Learn to play and sing current hits by  Rachel Platton, One Direction,Taylor Swift, Imagine Dragons, Carrie Underwood, Ed Sheeran, Pink, Jason Mraz, Adele, Passenger, John Legend, Katy Perry, Gotye, Bruno Mars, Christina Perri, Kelly Clarkson, Owl City, Abba, Plain White Ts, Lady Antebellum, Colbie Caillat,  Green Day, Hunter Hayes,  Simple Plan, CCR,  John Fogerty, Jo Dee Messina, Dixie Chicks, Jonathon Edwards, Bruce Springsteen, Buddy Holly,Tom Petty, Gotye, Green Day, Zac Brown Band,  Elvis, Jimmy Buffet,  Peter Paul & Mary,, Beatles, Eagles,  Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash and many more. 

I have a list of 444 songs divided into 5 groups: Pop and Rock, Young Children's Songs, Classic Oldies, Folk and Country and Christmas. See list of  many of the songs on the Home Page of this web site.

Click to view some of the instructin sheets I have created: 13 Beginning Guitar Chords - Five Movable Chords


I have been teaching guitar for 30 years and have performed thousands of shows since making music my full-time work in 1979.  I offer private guitar lessons for students ages 7 and up and voice lessons for kids 5 and up. Students  can receive a one hour lesson for guitar and voice together which produces a well-rounded musician / performer.  I teach both acoustic and electric guitar for any genre of music such as rock, folk, pop, country, 12 bar blues etc. Various strumming  and picking styles using a flat pick are taught. Students learn basic music theory, their own vocal range, transposing from one key to another, capo use, the Nashville Number System, tuning and how the guitar and piano relate to each other.  I evaluate each student for vocal pitch, range and natural rhythm abilities.  Students are often playing a few songs after 2-3 lessons. I encourage the kids to sing as well.  I also provide free  music / lyric sheets, instructional handouts and recordings of songs and exercises for home practice.  

  I figure out the best key (out of 12 keys) for each song the student wants to learn and I then record the song  on their I Phone or I Pods. I also have 12 CDs of 300 songs by the original artists for students to listen to and choose the ones they like.  And I have the technology to change the original artist's key of the song to better match the student's vocal range.  This makes it much easier to learn the song.   Kids may bring in their own song choices on I Phones or IPODs or CDs for me to learn.                  

       You can call 860-659-8992  for a music evaluation of your child's music skills (pitch, vocal range and rhythm etc).  Rainbow Music is located at  291 Wickham Rd. Glastonbury, CT  which runs between Hebron Ave. and Neipsic Rd.  just off Route 2 near Exit 8 or 9. 
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