Hear MP3 samples of Don's originals here! -- Beauty in Disguise ~There are no Ex-Parents ~ Christmas Village

My first CD of 10 original songs is now completed! The songs are entitled: 1- Beauty In Disguise by Don Donegan 2- Sound Of Your Voice by Don Donegan 3- Sea Fever Lyric adapted from "Sea Fever" by John Masefield 4 -The Arizona by Don Donegan 5- You Don't Have To Be Everything by Donegan Ewing & Pere 6- Heart On The Run by Don Donegan &Terry Edgar 7 -There Are No Ex Parents by Don Donegan 8- Christmas Village by Bill Kearns & Don Donegan 9 -If You Can't Stay Forever by Don Donegan & Sandy Newton 10- When There's Love by Don Donegan & Terry Edgar

This CD and the ones listed below are available for $10 plus $2 p&h. Mail to Don Donegan, 291 Wickham Rd. Glastonbury, CT 06033. Call 860-659-8992



In addition to my own CDs, my Rainbow Music students have recorded 2 CDs of cover songs to create a snapshot of their progress. Here is our first CD completed in May of 2006. This 30 Song CD is available for a tax deductible donation payable to the CT Songwriters Assoc. Funds will benefit Rainbow Music's Scholarship Fund.


Here is our second CD of 28 songs  completed in May of 2007 which is available for a tax deductible donation. See above for details.







I have recording 10 different CDs of all the 250 +  songs I have been performing over the past 35 years. Four of these CDs are of children's songs and six CDs are of adult songs. Here are the CD Covers and song titles.  Each of these CDs contain between 27 and 30 songs and are available for a suggested tax deductible donation of $10.

4 Kids CDs

6 Adult CDs

Students in my vocal classes have requested that I record a vocal warm up CD for strengthening the voice and expanding vocal range.  I also have a Beginning Guitar CD with about 10 beginner songs . Both CDs are available for $10  each payable to Don Donegan. For any of the above CDs mail check to 291 Wickham Rd. Glastonbury, CT 06033. Please indicate which CD  you want and include your name and address and phone.

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